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About Lisa Langford

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Lisa discovered her passion by way of an accidental shattering of glass. Teaching in the nursing field for years, she found herself disabled after a surgery and a stay at home Mom with 2 boys. 


So how did shatter glass launch her new career? While remodeling a bathroom, she was reaching for a drill and accidentally shattered some glass shelves that landed onto an old antique window frame. The frame was intact, and the broken glass looked pretty laying on it. Being creative, she placed her mermaid plaque from her bathroom onto the frame among the glass pieces and was surprised as to how attractive it looked.  

Lisa began her research on how to work with resin art and various techniques and came up with something quite unique and beautiful. Friends and family began to ask her to make something for their homes, gifts, etc.... and the seed was planted. Could she turn this talent into a full fledge business and open a store?

With her new passion brewing, she bought more windows from salvagers and began to make more decorative frames using sand, glue, glass, and a variety of trinkets and sea shells. 

During the 2018, Chiasco Fiesta, she sold 54 pieces at her friend's business downtown in "just two weekends," she states. Obviously, the next step was to open a shop. Her husband, Paul saw a "For Rent" sign in the old Boulevard Building, next to the Gateway Gallery and Emporium. They signed the lease and "that was it." There was no turning back now. 

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